Solar Panels Installation San Diego

Solar Panels Installation San Diego

Solar panels installation San Diego is on the rise. San Diego has twice been declared the solar capital of the U.S., once in 2009 and later in 2012. It has the second-highest number of solar panels per capita installed, generating around 420 megawatt electricity. To put it another way, there is 295-watt solar power installed for each resident of San Diego. For the same reason, it was ranked second in the country when it comes to solar power installation in San Diego, overall or per capita.

An interesting fact about solar power in San Diego is that it generates more electricity from solar power than the entire country of Mexico. That is pretty great! But what makes San Diego one of the best solar cities in the country?

Solar panels installation San Diego

First, the prices. The costs of solar panels in San Diego, like in California overall, are one of the lowest in the country. The average cost of a solar system installation in San Diego ranges from $10,500 to $16,000. That means the cost per watt for solar power in San Diego is around $2.5 to $2.8. This is a lot less than what the residents of the north pay for the solar power installation. 

Second, grid electricity is quite expensive as compared to other cities across the country. Since the cost of installing solar panels in San Diego are low, and since electricity is expensive, homeowners can save much more on their electric bills. According to an estimate, homeowners can save up to 70 percent on their electric bills if they install their own solar power system in San Diego, with cash or a loan. They can save up to 30 percent if they opt for a solar lease or power purchase agreement. Solar panels installation San Diego

Third, there are solar power incentives in San Diego that homeowners can claim by going solar. Residents of San Diego are eligible for the Federal Income Tax Credit. This stimulus program gives the homeowners 26 percent back after installing a solar power system in San Diego. Besides, other local incentives offered by the state government or municipal bodies further diminish your upfront cost.

Fourth, there is plenty of sunshine in San Diego. In contrast to our national average of 205 days, San Diego has more than 260 sunny days throughout the year. You can make the most from solar panels in San Diego, as they operate at their maximum capacity in the city. Last but not the least, the political narrative is in favor of solar energy in San Diego. These are some of the factors that make San Diego the best solar city in the country.

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