Best Solar Panels in Phoenix

Best Solar Panels in Phoenix

Residential solar panels in Phoenix are a long-term investment as it offers multiple benefits that include tax breaks, small electricity bills, customized energy plans as per your lifestyle and budget. Solar power in Phoenix is ideal because Phoenix has excellent sun exposure for a round of the year. 

Therefore, you can get cheap solar energy deals from the best solar energy companies in Phoenix. The cost of solar panels in Phoenix, AZ, are minimum and easy on your pockets. 

You can find the best residential solar installers near your home or business area. They usually offer free solar proposals and energy plans that are best befit to your lifestyle and financial expense.
Moreover, for quick registration, you can get a solar quote online from the best residential solar company near your home.
Here are some essential things you need to consider before choosing solar panels in Phoenix

Small Energy Bills:

Your electricity bills will drop amazingly. Moreover, you shouldn’t be worried about your energy usage as it won’t cost you very much. Either, you go for episodic installations or switching entirely on solar power, and your power cost will be zero. 

Lower Down your Energy Taxes:

There are discounts available on the initial installation of your solar panel in Phoenix. after the complete installation, you will receive 30% federal income tax credit. 

Reduced Maintenance Bills:

Annual maintenance or wear and tear cost for residential solar panels are minimum. A simple cleaning method for a couple of times in a year will do a job. Most of the solar panel companies in Phoenix offer 20 to 25 years of maintenance warranty. Only the inverter needs to be changed for 10 years. 

High Resale Value:

The residents of Phoenix who are using solar panels can expect to see $5000 increased resale value per installed kilowatts. Phoenix is ranked as the third state that has more than 500,000 homes using solar panels. 

Efficient Energy Source:

Monocrystalline panels are recommended for higher performance and energy generation. They are made with high-purity silicon and cut from a single source of silicon. They are more costly than Polycrystalline panels as they are slightly less efficient and made with raw silicon. 

Effortless Installation:

Your solar panel system should be installed where the panels will be exposed to the most sunlight. Therefore, solar panels are generally mounted on rooftops; however, they can also be placed on the ground. Ideally, a home would have a large, south-facing roof with a 30-degree pitch. You don’t have to install solar panels on your own, and the solar company will install them for you. 


The typical cost of a solar panel system in Phoenix is $150,050 without incentives and instalments. The solar companies in Phoenix also offer leases and financial incentives that will help you maintain initial instalments. You will also receive 25% compensation after the first instalment.