Solar Panels in Los Angeles

Solar Panels in Los Angeles

Solar panels installations in Los Angeles is a continuous trend. It is number one on the list of The Top U.S. Cities for Solar Energy. It has the highest number of solar panels installed, generating around 484-megawatt electricity. This gives thousands of homes energy independence and saves each one of them thousands of dollars every year. Talking about the solar power potential in Los Angeles, it has one of the highest small building rooftop potential of 5444 megawatts. There are many reasons why home solar power is on an upward trajectory in Los Angeles.

One, the costs of solar panels in Los Angeles are one of the lowest in the country. Second, grid electricity is quite expensive compared to other cities across the country. Third, there are solar power incentives in Los Angeles that homeowners can claim by going solar. Lastly, there is plenty of sunshine in Los Angeles. Our national average is just 205 sunny days per year. Los Angeles gets 284 sunny days throughout the year. Quite a sunny city! It is these factors that made Los Angeles the best city for solar installation in the country.

But the question persists, that how much do solar panels cost in Los Angeles? The average cost of solar system installation in Los Angeles ranges from $10,500 to $16,000. That means the cost per watt for solar power in Los Angeles is around $2.5 to $2.8. But these 5-figure prices shouldn’t deter you from contemplating your own home solar power in Los Angeles. It is because even if it seems much, there are ways through which you can minimize your out-of-pocket cost. For instance, there are solar incentives such as the Federal Income Tax Credit which gives you 26 percent back after installing a solar power system in Los Angeles. Besides, other local and municipal incentives also abound that further diminish your upfront cost.

There are other benefits too that homeowners in Los Angeles can avail of. For instance, solar power in Los Angeles saves more as compared to other cities. It is because solar panels operate at maximum capacity in Los Angeles given the highest amount of sunlight every day. Secondly, as we mentioned earlier, grid electricity is quite costly as compared to other states. Here, you can save more on your bills. Going solar ensures energy independence as well as more savings!

If you are a homeowner who wishes to install a solar power system in Los Angeles, fill in this form. One of our energy advisors will apprise you about the varying solar financing options in Los Angeles. He or she will also give you plans customized exclusively for you. Remember, Solar Econo is one of the best solar power companies in Los Angeles. We take pride in our team and customer support because we know how it is done—right from the beginning to the end.