Solar Panels for Your Home in 2021

Solar Panels for Your Home in 2021

California is one of the best states for solar power. Like the traditional gold, it is blessed with plenty of sunlight that enables Californians to exploit solar energy to the fullest. In 2019, California was ranked first in solar energy countrywide, for two reasons. One, the cost of solar panels in California has declined by 38 percent over the last five years. As of 2020, the average cost of a typical solar panel system installation in California ranges from $12,500 to $17,000. That makes the cost per watt around $2.5 to $3.4 for installing Solar Panels for Your Home in 2021
Second, the electricity costs here are one of the highest in the country. On top of it, there are pretty attractive solar incentives offered by the state government for going solar in California. Factor in this the rise of solar power companies in California. These all reasons make California the hub of solar power, where you get the most from solar energy at a minimum cost.
Homeowners in California save up to 70 percent on their electric bills every year with solar power. Having solar panels on your rooftop also increases your home value by 3-4 percent. If you are a homeowner in California and want to avail the services of one of the best solar system providers in California, you are in the right place. Solar Econo is one of the top solar panel installation companies in California, having complete confidence in its professional team and command over solar technology.
Why are we the best solar system provider in California? Because we know it all. From choosing the right system for you to licensing and installation, our team will be in close contact with you to design as well customize your solar power system to your preferences. To do so, we offer free consultation services. Contact us here and one of our energy advisors will reach out to you to discuss your preferences, budget, rooftop parameters, and the number of solar panels you need Solar Panels for Your Home in 2021
We also provide flexible solar financing options in California. If you don’t have the upfront cost, we can provide varying financing options that can enable you to reap the benefits of solar energy in California. Last but not the least, we take pride in the equipment we offer. We have made sure that we get the best quality solar panels and other equipment from our manufacturing partners for you. Our solar panels usually last for more than 25 years, requiring little maintenance. Want to