Low Cost Solar Panels in Nevada

Low Cost Solar Panels in Nevada

Are you a homeowner who has tried to cut his or her power consumption to save more? Or, are you someone who is concerned about the future of this planet and wanted to do something on an individual level, but didn’t have an idea from where to start? Let’s kill two birds with one stone. Let’s find the solution in switching to solar energy. And going solar in Nevada is not only easy but it brings a host of other benefits with itself as well, other than saving your money and planet. Below, the Solar Econo’s editors have tried to narrow down five core benefits of installing solar panels for homes in Nevada.  

Nevada is One of the Sunniest States

Nevadans are lucky in the sense that they have access to the sun round-the-year! Okay, not round-the-year but Nevada is one of the sunniest states, making your climate ideal for exploiting the sun’s rays as much as you can do. For instance, Las Vegas receives 294 days of sunshine a year, and Reno 252 days. This is an impressive amount of sunlight in a year. To put it in a perspective, our national average is 205 days. Should you not utilize this power and that too free of cost?

Net Metering

Net metering in Nevada allows you to take control of your power usage! Through this arrangement, consumers give back the excess power their solar system generates to the utility providers. The state government quashed this policy in 2015 which significantly hurt solar development in Nevada. But thankfully, this policy was resurrected in 2017. Now residential solar power systems that generate up to 1MW are eligible for net metering unless those systems produce more than 150% of their peak demand. To be more specific, the rules also depend on your utility providers. For instance, NV Energy customers will get credits worth 95% of the retail rate of electricity for their surplus power their systems generate. Similarly, if you live in Valley Electric Association’s service territory, you’ll get credit for your solar electricity at the same rate you would pay the utility. That means, if your system matches your demands, your electricity is free for the whole year.

Federal Income Tax Credit

If you have ever considered going solar, 2020 is the best year. Why? Because if you install a solar power system before December 31, 2020, you are eligible for a 26% tax credit. Keep in mind that this was 30% last year and it’ll be 22% next year. It’ll fall to 10% in 2022, but after that, there will be no more incentives! So why wait? Here, your upfront cost diminishes even more given that 26% of that is returned to you in the form of a tax credit.

Nevada State’s Incentives for Solar

Now, let’s talk about the incentives the state government has offered to the Nevadans who want to go solar. The Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard requires that Nevada’s 25% of energy needs should come from renewable sources, 6% of them from solar energy. To reward the households to turn to solar power, NV Energy is offering the Renewable Generations, or Solar Generations, rebate program. Those home solar systems in Nevada that generate up to 25 kW of electricity can earn $0.20/watt back on their system. Here, another opportunity to save more on the upfront cost!

Protect Your Future – Money and the Earth

Finally, going solar allows you to secure your future as well as that of the planet. You can get rid of your electricity bill completely with a customized solar power system. Even if you install the system through a lease or power purchase agreement—the modes of financing where you don’t own the system—you can save up to 30 percent over your bills every month.

In addition, solar energy is a clean and sustainable resource. Unlike fossil fuels, it has zero carbon emissions. Turning to solar energy greatly reduce your carbon footprint. In fact, you not only reduce it, but you also offset these emissions in many ways. For instance, according to this study, if you install a solar energy system on your rooftop, it is like planting 150 trees every year. This is what we called ‘killing two birds with one stone.’ You save your money as well as the planet.

Solar Econo’s Solar Program

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